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Assistant Principal Profile

Amber Lee joined the SALTech team in 2011 as the math instructor.  In 2012, she was selected to participate in the Florida Turn-around Leadership Program.  From her work in this 2 year rigorous leadership program she has gain a wealth of knowledge in the areas of leadership and instructional practice.  

- Operations manager
- Supervisor
- Coordinates professional development workshops
- Promotes high standards for all students
- Manages and evaluates school and classroom procedures
- Ensures compliance with all laws, board policies, and civil regulations
- Prepares and maintains master schedule for instructional purposes
- Evaluates lesson plans
- Observes classroom procedures
- Ensures a safe and orderly environment
- Establishes a professional rapport with students and staff
- Researches and collects data for instructional purposes
- Seeks ideas for the improvement of the school
- Maintains an effective inventory system
- Responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of the students, staff, and visitors
- Communicates regularly with parents
- Coordinates presentations and school events
- Maintains accurate attendance records
- Protects classified records and information
- Attends required principal, staff, Board, and committee meetings
- Oversees the development of school curriculum and grading procedures

Amber Lee

Assistant Principal

4751 Walgreen Road
Jacksonville, FL 32209

Phone: 904.328.5001 x 1190